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Dual Yellow Laser

Dual Yellow Laser

In this modern age, the quest for a more translucent and fairer complexion has led to a host of lasers treatments. Dermatology laser has come a long way since it was first invented and now laser treatments are ever more sophisticated than it was before. Now with DUAL YELLOW LASER Treatment by Norseld, laser treatment can be comfortable and yet effective.

Dual Yellow Laser By Norseld:

The DUAL YELLOW LASER by Norseld is a powerful, fast and advanced laser trusted by physician around the world. Dual Yellow uniquely produces two wavelengths of lasers – 578nm yellow and 511nm green. Each wavelength powered by NORSELD patented technology, penetrate deeply into the skin without creating collateral damages, hence, ensuring excellant results for all skin type on the Fitzpatrick I-VI scales.

What is Dual Yellow Laser By Norseld:

Not all laser is the same. This particularly applies to DUAL YELLOW LASER by NORSELD. Powered with Fast Edge Micropulse, FEM technology, NORSELD DUAL YELLOW LASER delivers its high peak power of 3kW exactly where it is needed. FEM produces 3kW pulses each of 90 micro joules thus causing no thermal damage. The NORSELD DUAL YELLOW LASER is the only laser on the market able to produce 22,000 micropulses per second and create a photochemical reaction in the dermis treating melasma, skin rejuvenation and acne.

By combining high peak power (3kW) and a train of nanosecond pulses, the NORSELD DUAL YELLOW LASER is able to achieve long term results; avoid collateral damage, pain and other side effects.


Australian designed and manufactured, DUAL YELLOW LASER by NORSELD received various international standards approval, including TGA (Australia), CE (Europe), FDA (USA) and KFDA (South Korea).

It is a well establish laser treatment trusted by both doctors and patients around the world with proven record of effecacy and safety.