Effective Weight Loss — The Basics

Along with the internet came an explosion of fad diets. While some of these diets may work, the simple fact is that the best way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn in one day. However, simple can be harder than complex.

Many believe that they should eat next to nothing—and while you will lose weight this way, you will also create a serious heart-related problems.

So what now?

#1 Find an exercise that you actually enjoy doing

As we all know, you’ll only exercise if you actually enjoy doing it. Whether you love paying visits to the gym, or running around your neighborhood, pick an exercise that you love, so you’re more likely to do it.

#2 Plan your meals

If you’re already extremely hungry when you start trying to decide what to eat, you’ll go for what’s quick and easy, and that usually means it’s also high in calories and fat. If you plan your meals beforehand, you are more likely to eat healthy, homemade meals instead of running down to the closest fast-food place.


#3 Reward yourself

The worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight is to constantly deny yourself. Just like one day of healthy eating won’t make you healthy, one day of unhealthy eating won’t make you unhealthy. On that day, pick one or two things to indulge with. Your reward doesn’t even have to be food—it could be a shopping trip or going to see a movie.

#4 Find a buddy

Everything is easier with a support system, especially one that is working towards the exact same goal. Help keep each other on track by being a listening ear, by volunteering to help each other work out, and by helping each other stick to diets.

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