Consultant Orthopaedics and
Reconstructive Surgeon

MD (Kaoshiung Medical University, TW)
Arthroplasty Trainer of MOH, Malaysia since 2005

Dr Ko Chung Yee

“As a total orthopaedic care centre, we offer comprehensive treatments for bones, muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments related diseases, from the young to old.

99% of our patients suffer from joint related problems, such as osteoarthritis. Based on your history, examination, X-rays and response to medications and injections, you might need an arthroplasty, also known as joint replacement surgery.

Most of the patients approached us for knee and hip joint replacement. With almost 300 cases per year in our record, we dare to say that arthroplasty is our specialty.

Age is not a limitation for arthroplasty, as we had patients aged above 90 years old. The risk of complication is less than 1%, and 90% of the prosthetic joints can last for approximately 20 years.

We employ modern techniques in our operation, and the recovery is much faster compared to other treatment centres.

Normally, recovery period for arthroplasty takes around 3 months. However, we can help you to achieve that in a month.”

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