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Meet Our Team

At KO Skin Specialist, we believe that everyone deserve the chance to enhance and empower their beauty. Each of us brings our area of expertise to the table with the same goal of providing you with excellent service and quality.

Right at the heart of all our services and offerings are the doctors, who have raised the bar for cosmetic and aesthetic services in the region with their dedication and expertise.

Dr Ko Chung Beng graduated from University of Glasgow, and founded KO Skin Specialist at the year of 1997. He was joined after by our Consultant Anaesthetist and Aesthetic Physician, Dr Seah Keh Seng, and Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kueh Nai Siong, as well as Consultant Orthopaedics and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Ko Chung Yee

Meet the Experts

Dr Ko Chung Beng

Consultant Dermatologist
MBChB (Glasgow, UK)
Dip.S.B.Derm (Cardiff, UK)
AM (Mal)

Dr Kueh Nai Siong

Consultant Plastic Surgeon
MD (Taiwan)
Plastic Surgery Specialist (CGMH, Taiwan)

Dr Ko Chung Yee

Consultant Orthopaedics and
Reconstructive Surgeon
MD (Kaoshiung Medical University, TW)
Arthroplasty Trainer of MOH,
Malaysia since 2005

Dr Seah Keh Seng

Consultant Anaesthetist
and Aesthetic Physician
MBBS (Malaya)
Master of Medicine (NUS, Singapore)
AM (Mal)

Dr Colleen Lee LP

Consultant Aesthetic Physician
Medical Aesthetic LCP (MOH, M’sia)
Dip Dermatology (Thailand)
Dip. Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)
Fellowship in Cutaneous and Laser Surgery (Thailand)

Dr Kathleen Chang Yee Kuin

Consultant Plastic &
Reconstructive Surgeon
MS (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) (USM)

Founder’s Message

“I have always had interest and passion in the science and art of human aesthetics. It is a dynamic, exciting field with cutting-edge technologies and innovative procedures that allow so many people today to look good and feel great about themselves. The most fulfilling part of my job is the joy and confidence that radiates from a patient whose concerns I’ve helped to overcome. That is why I founded KO Skin Specialist in 1997 – so that I and my specially-selected teams of professionals can empower individuals with beautiful self-confidence.

I am proud to say that today, we’re one of Asia’s largest and leading skin and laser centres. For as long as beauty brings positive changes in lives, all of us at KO Skin Specialist will continue to foster strong relationships with our patients as we make it possible for them to realize their aesthetic desires.”

KO Plastic Surgery Division

Our accredited surgeons take charge of all clinical aspects of invasive procedures and treatments. They are backed by our qualified medical staff comprising anaesthetists and fully-trained nurses.

DR Kueh Nai Siong  who has more than 20 years of surgical experience in plastic surgery

Ko Orthopaedic Division

Led by Dr Ko Chung Yee, Certified orthopedic surgeon and arthroplasty trainer, The Ko Orthopedic Team is backed by highly trained surgical nurse and state of the art technology

Our orthopaedic Team strive to deliver the best result to its client, maintaining its excellent standard in Orthopaedic practice

Ko Dermatology and Medical Aesthetic Division

Representing the core of KO Skin Specialist Medical Centre. Ko Dermatology and Medical Aesthetic Division is leading the field of Dermatology and medical aesthetic in the region

Led by Dato’ Dr Ko Chung Beng and a team of fully certified medical specialist and doctors, Ko Skin Specialist continues to innovate and bring the best available advancement in the field of Dermatology and medical aesthetic to her client with proven clinical results.