Women Surgery

Tighten Up the Vaginal Wall


Vaginoplasty refers to the repair of vaginal wall after spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD) or aging.

In the event of SVD, the pregnant female gives birth without medical intervention such caesarean-section. The repair and the healing of the wound after SVD is very important. In unfortunate event, the outcome is lax vaginal wall and abnormal scarring.

The natural process of aging can cause the vaginal wall to become lax and less elastic as well. The laxity might interfere with the conduct of sexual activity. The common complaint is the loss of grip and can’t “feel” the penetration during intercourse.

Sexual pleasure or orgasm is a complex, highly personal, conditioned as much as emotional and spiritual experience. This surgical intervention never claimed to heighten the experience, but there are patients who claimed that it improved tremendously after vaginoplasty.

Women Surgery

Reshaping the Vaginal Lips


This procedure involves plastic surgery on the vaginal lips alone or with vaginoplasty. Surgery can be performed on the labia majora (outer lips) or labia minora (inner lips).

The surgery changes the size or shape of the labia, typically making it smaller or correcting an asymmetry structure there.

Reduce the Clitoral Hood

Clitoral Surgery

“The pearl surgery”. The clitoral stimulation is an important part of sexual activity. There are people with thick clitoral hood which dampen the feeling of sexual experience. Some people complain of dryness due to low state of arousal during sexual act.

This single surgery would expose the clitoris like an opening of a shell to expose the pearl, hence the name.

Women Surgery

Fat Transfer to Mons Pubis and Outer Labia

As part of the aging process, women lose their fatty tissues not only from the face and breasts, but lady parts as well.

It is not of clinical importance but of aesthetic reason that the patient requests the plastic surgeon to restore the plumpness and youthfulness of mons pubis and outer labia.

An appropriate and safe procedure to achieve this is to do a fat transfer. Fat harvested from other parts of the body such as lower abdomen, hips or lower back is used to fill up these areas, regaining a youthful and soft appearance.

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