Viveve – Restoring Urinary Control and Sexual Sensation

Women at some point our life experience issue related to a loose vagina. But we are mostly too shy and often not talk about it, leading to ignoring the problem or putting up with it. This often leads to marriage dysfunction or an adverse effect on women’s wellbeing. laser vaginal tightening Malaysia

Signs that one may be suffering from a loose vaginal are:
1) Stress urinary incontinence
2) Trouble with orgasm
3) Diminish sexual pleasure

The main cause of vaginal loosening is childbirth, but other factors also play an important part, such as aging and obesity. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you might benefit from vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening treatment such as VIVEVE. 

For ages, vaginoplasty surgery remains the only answer for women who wish to treat and restore their vaginal tone. However, the thought of going thru a surgery will deter most of us.

With the advancement of medical science, we can now deal with this problem in a more subtle way and yet effective. VIVEVE is a US FDA approved device that uses patented mono-polar radio frequency and cooling technology to stimulate collagen genesis along the vaginal wall and improve muscular tone. Studies show that it is effective in restoring the vaginal tone to the pre-childbirth state for up to a year with one single treatment. More than 80 percent of women remain satisfied after 12 months from the first treatment.

VIVEVE is a pain-free, 30minute treatment that just works. The time is now for us woman to do something and not let aging takes the best part of life from us. As a famous saying goes, “HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE”. Indeed, VIVEVE is the Best Vaginal Tightening Treatment in Malaysia. 

Dr. Claire Ong CY
Mb Bch Bao (Ireland)
Dip Aesthetic Medicine (USA)

Dr. Claire Ong is a fully certified medical aesthetic physician at Klinik Dr Ko – Juru, Penang.


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