A Turkey Neck Gives Away Your Age

Women tend to attend only to their faces, ensuring they are firm and supple.

However, skin at the neck is far more sensitive than that on the face and ages more quickly.

Some women, you’ve undoubtedly seen them, put on foundation make-up and stop at the edge of their chin.

As we age, most of us regularly forget caring for our necks, resulting in age-revealing turkey necks.

The neck skin needs more care and attention in order not to trumpet one’s age.

Do not want neck wrinkles betray your real age? Here are some suggestions:

  • Moisturizers are a gal’s best friend (next to diamonds, of course). The most expensive ones are not necessarily the best; what actually works for you is the best. Apply neck cream with a gentle, upward motion.
  • In your evening routine, do remove the day’s make-up, gently. Be gentle is the rule and don’t forget your neck, under your chin and ears.
  • We have all been told about sunscreen. It is difficult to put sunscreen on your face and neck if you are using make-up. In these situations, look especially for foundation that contains sunscreen or tinted sunscreen. The sun is an equal opportunity destroyer of youthful looks. When you aren’t wearing make-up, dab on a bit of sunscreen before going out.
  • All your careful effort in the day can be destroyed by your sleep posture. Try to sleep on your back so that both your face and your neck avoid sleep wrinkles which can become permanent.
  • Exercise. It seems we are reminded to exercise at every turn. It is true. Exercise helps our skin all over our body. Our neck muscles appreciate special attention.
  • Try to avoid yo-yo dieting and concentrate on healthful eating. Yo-yo dieting is the beginning of prematurely aged skin.

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