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Malaysia Power Brand 2011 Award, Mark of Quality

Mark of Quality, Malaysia POWER BRAND Award 2011 Best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia

Reviews and Testimonials, Best Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia

“I’ve been a patient of Dr Ko since I was 47 years old. I’m 63 this year,” said Salamiah Hassan.

The singer recalled, “Ocean Supermarket was still operating back then. The Ko Skin Specialist when I was 47 is a small clinic located on the 1st floor of a shop lot, and now, 25 branches all over Malaysia…… to think that we’ve been growing together for the past 17 years, it’s bewildering.” “She’s family,” said Dr Ko, “Kak Salamiah is part of us.” The Best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia

What makes Kak Salamiah stayed with us over all these years?

“Their code of conduct convinces me. They prep you thoroughly before anything, be it treatments or medications,” she added, the best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia

“knowing what you want is important. I’m not into invasive treatments, and I have a serious needle phobia, so they work according to my circumstances. By the way, I’m a loyal user of Ko Dermaceutical products.”

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GOH Liu Ying, Malaysian Badminton Player

“I’ve been a client of Dr Ko Skin Specialist for 5 years now.” commented Ms Goh Liu Ying.

“At first, I visited them because I had a little acne breakout. After treatment with Dr. Ko, my acne improved. Since then, I became their regular client” she added.

Why us? We asked Liu Ying.

“I was first introduced to Dr Ko by other badminton players. Staffs at Dr Ko made me feel like a part of the family. I felt comfortable coming here for treatments.”

“The doctors and staffs at Dr Ko Skin Specialist are very knowledgeable. They take the time to understand what I need. I find it very convenient that they provide all range of services related to skin and medical aesthetic, indeed a one-stop centre for all my skin and beauty needs.” she added. 

MalaysiaAesthetic.com, best aesthetic clinic in Malaysia

We are honoured to be ranked

Top 3 Most Popular Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Malaysia

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Klang Valley, Malaysia

We are honoured to be ranked among the;

Top 10 Aesthetic Clinic in Klang Valley, Malaysia

ErufuCare.com, Best Medical Aesthetic and Skin Clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We are honoured to be ranked among the;

Best Medical Aesthetics and Skin Clinics in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia

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