Weight Loss

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Being overweight impairs health, mobility and flexibility. It makes daily activities difficult and prevents one from enjoying life to the fullest. It gives you a huge blow when you have to shop for bigger and bigger sized outfits.

A person may become overweight could be due to heredity, inactive lifestyle, poor eating habits, metabolic disorders, and hormonal imbalances.

Overweight isn’t just a cosmetic concern, it increases your risk of diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attack.

Our doctors are here to help you embark on a long-term weight loss plan, with the right combination of a healthy diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, body treatments and medications.

What We Can Do

Our weight and lifestyle management programmes may also include choices from our advanced fat-busting laser technologies, including:

  • Exilis – Non-invasively eliminates fat, contour tissue, and tightens skin without any discomfort.
  • LipoSelection – Breaks down and emulsifies only fat, leaving other cells undisturbed.
  • Accent Ultra – Removes fat while tightening the skin.
  • CoolSculpting – Targets and freezes only fat cells, leaving other skin cells undisturbed.

“For results you can see, touch and feel.”

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