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Whats Botox®

Understanding how your face ages and how wrinkles form lets you hold on to that individuality because you can choose to treat those changes with Botox. You look and feel your best when your natural beauty shows.

Natural substances in the skin, such as collagen (the major structural protein in skin), elastin (the protein that causes the tissue to stretch) and hyaluronic acid (which gives skin volume) decrease with age, causing wrinkles to form.

Wrinkles are natural part of the aging process. Many wrinkles occur when we make repeated facial expressions involving muscle contractions, such as a smile, laugh or frown. Wrinkles can be categorised into dynamic or static wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are seen in younger skin. These type of wrinkles typically spring back to its initial position after facial expression. On the other hand, static wrinkles are wrinkles that remain present at rest. This is usually seen in older skin with less elasticity and volume.

How Botox® works

Botox® is a highly purified protein administered in a few tiny injections to relax the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. It blocks the nerve cells that cause muscle contraction, resulting in smoothening of facial lines and preventing new lines from forming. Learn more about how Botox works.

Is Botox® Safe

Botox® is a highly purified protein that is manufactured under stringent conditions1,2. The Safety of Botox® is well established with more than 20 years of clinical use3. It has been used to treat millions of patient worldwide3 including children with cerebral palsy.

What to expect with Botox®

After a simple 10-minute procedure, Botox® improves appearance within days and the youthful look last up to four months1,4. Its Precise effect means Botox® treatment can be customised to suit you personally5.

When administered with the expertise of a fully-trained physician, Botox® produces natural results and gives you a refreshed appearance. 95% of patients are satisfied with their rejuvenated appearance a month after treatment with Botox® and 86% are still satisfied after four months6.

Botox® is a registered trademark of allergen Inc, USA.

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