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Breast Surgery

Women may choose to undergo breast surgery for various reasons, such as under-developed breasts, weight loss, sagging breast due to aging, changes in breast size and shape after childbirth or breastfeeding. Choosing the best breast surgeon in Malaysia is crucial.

Breast surgery is also known as mammoplasty. It is a series of surgical procedures to enlarge, reduce or reconstruct the appearance of the breasts, making them more proportionate with your body frame.

We offer breast enlargement surgery using breast implants, usually filled with either saline or silicone gel. We now offer the best breast implant in the market, Motiva Ergonomix Implant. Depending on your condition, the implants may be inserted under the breast tissue or behind the chest muscles.

We also provide nipple reconstruction and breast lift surgery to restore the beauty, shape and appeal of a woman’s expression of femininity.

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