Decode the Aesthetics of Life


by Gladys

Humans are 99.5% similar at the DNA level, 0.5% is what makes us different. The effect of the 0.5% can be interesting – from our appearances such as eye color, straight or curly hair… all the way to disease risks and how we metabolize medications.

As one of Asia’s largest aesthetic treatment and plastic surgery provider, KO Skin Specialist is proud to present KO PreTect — a breakthrough in DNA screening.

KO PreTect is not “just another test” but a genetically guided treatment program customized according to your future wellbeing. Based on your results, our experts are able to discover your potential health, fitness and beauty, as well as advice effective preventive measures, tailored to your specific genetic needs.

Don’t understand any? Never mind, here are some dumb-ed down examples of what KO PreTect does, and what it doesn’t:


We can identify the level of enzyme functionality based on your gene, e.g. how active your antioxidant enzymes are, which in turn may delay or accelerate the rate of aging.

We can explain your response towards certain food substance, drugs or treatments, e.g. lactose intolerance.

We can determine your risk of developing certain condition, e.g. obesity.



We can’t show how you’ll look like in 20 years, leave that to the app in your smartphone.

We can’t modify your gene so that you can drink cow milk from now on. Don’t challenge your gene, kindly switch to soy milk, please.

We can’t get rid of your “fat gene”, and we can’t predict how fat you’ll be. However, we can keep your fat under control with a proper diet or even a treatment plan.


The entire process is pretty easy, and results are available in 2 weeks.

You’ll need the test only once in a lifetime.

Please bear in mind that environmental and lifestyle factors can affect the development of genetic conditions and disorders.

So, even though your gene indicates something, it doesn’t guarantee it will happen for sure.

There are ways to intercept a certain condition. As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” If you opt for the test, kindly listen to the doctor’s advice after that.


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