Dark Circles & Eyebag

Look like a Panda?

Dark circles can make a person appear older, tired, sick, depressed or just plain unappealing. Heredity factors, sun-induced melanin production, lack of sleep and the aging process are factors that can worsen dark circles. Hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin caused by an overproduction of melanin) is another cause.

Does anyone have the experience of trying to cover dark circles with heavy makeup, but ends with the eerie look of a zombie, ready to join a Halloween party?

What We Can Do

Lasers such as Helios II, Medlite and Revlite effectively target dark concentrations of melanin to eliminate them.

The effects are swift, giving a bright-eyed appearance immediately after treatment, and 3 to 6 sessions will yield the best results.

Mesotherapy can significantly improve the color under the eyes and also reduce the size of the eyebag. By injecting specific nutrients into the skin, we can stimulate the collagen and elastin production, thus rejuvenate your eye area.

AGNES uses micro-insulated needle to reduce eyebag and diminish syringoma without surgery.

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