Hygiene for Acne

So, you’ve got persistent acne. You’ve been splurging on every possible over-the-counter remedy out there, yet failed.

Instead of over washing your face or cover it in topical creams, perhaps you should consider getting best quality skin care products and taking care of some hygiene issues below?


Rule #1: Watch Your Finger

Stop touching your face, stop picking your pimples.

We have a pair of “touchable” hands that are touching things all the time; dirt was stuck on the finger, hidden in the fingernails.

Imagine, if the hands touching the face when they are not just carefully washed, the face was no less than been touched directly by the stains. Squeeze pimples with unclean hands is equal to invite the bacteria deep into the skin layers by breaking a hole.

Rule #2: Wash… and Dry Your Hair

Wash and blow dry your hair, keep them clean so that they don’t stick to your face.

Our hair reside so closely to our face. The scalp underneath the hair is the closest neighbor of our facial skin. Should the scalp greasy, inevitably affected the facial skin. In particular, if oily hair was not cleaned every day, it would be as similar as having a piece of oily, dirty rag sweeping around our face all the times, irritating the monster of acne.

Rule #3: Wash Your Pillowcase, Not Your Face

Pillow is a breeding ground for bacteria. Sticking a cleansed face on a dirty pillow and you’ll say good morning to newly formed acne.

Change your pillowcase regularly, and once in a while, leave your pillow in the sun for a few hours, it’s a natural disinfectant.


Rule #4: Bedding and Blankets

If you have body acne, make sure your bedding and blankets are clean as well. Also, wash off and change into clean clothes after work outs.

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