Makeup Do’s and Don’ts for Rosacea


Most people will tell you: go without makeup.

Seriously? Showing off your red patches in weddings and parties? Makeup is unavoidable. Here are some tips to make sure your makeup routine doesn’t go haywire.

Skin irritation can be easily caused by non-hygiene makeup application. If you don’t clean your brushes or sponges, you are spreading bacteria, which can further irritate your skin. Clean your makeup tools regularly, and your hands, off course.

The basic requirements for flawless makeup are moisture and protection. If your skin is dry and flaky, no makeup will do you any good. Use a moisturizer, and apply some lightweight sunscreen before foundation. Avoid oil-based products.

Rosacea tend to flare up with exposure to heat or with exercise. If your face is screaming red, try using green tinted primer or concealer. Green is known to cancel out the redness on your skin.

Do not use a peachy pink foundation. Choose a tone that is warm enough to go with your green tinted primer or concealer, but not too warm or you’ll covered in unwanted orange tones.

Mineral makeup is highly recommended for skin suffering from rosacea, as it typically does not contain oil, fragrance, or potentially irritating chemicals. There are mineral makeups that offer color balancing powder, which neutralizes redness.


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