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Motiva Ergonomix® - Breast Implant

Motiva Ergonomix®

To find the purpose that defines and motivates us to face all of life’s intricacies is a desire inherent to the human being.

Our purpose was found years ago: to safely inspire the unique beauty that every woman possesses and to freely explore its significance.

That is why Motiva’s Ergonomix® was created and designed. To enhance the beauty of women, change the way they interact with surgical aesthetics and to create innovative products and services that address their lifestyles.

Discover the Best Breast Implant in the Market

dr ko breast augmentation

Motiva Ergonomix® - Benefits


With Ergonomix Implants, you get the best in terms of look, feel and movement of a natural breast. It maintains its softness over time and has proven its efficacy after years in the market. Today, Motiva Ergonomix implant is widely considered the best breast implant available in the market.

Motiva Ergonomix, with state of the art ProgressiveGel Ultima, helps you get faster recovery with shorter post surgery scar.

laying down vs standing up position

Your safety and peace of mind are on the top of our list, that is why Motiva Ergonomix® Implants come with Q Inside Safety Technology, a unique device identification technology which gives you:

  • 100% reliable verification of product features and traceability
  • Non-invasive method for implant verification after surgery
Comparing Motiva Ergonomix to traditional implants