My Personal Experience With Crystal Tomato Supplements

My Personal Experience With Crystal Tomato Supplements 

All my life, I dream to have fair skin. My skin has a slight tan generally, and I cast envious eyes on those with milky white skin. To make matters worse, my group of friends loves to travel and absolutely adores outdoor activities, always planning trips to hot sunny places and hiking getaways. So what do I do? I love traveling too, despite my love-hate relationship with the sun. My friends laugh at me, but I am never seen without an umbrella, a facemask, my loyal UV cap and long sleeves everywhere I go. I’d rather sweat under the hot sun than come home with a tan! And my tan takes about six to eight months to recover, sometimes even up to a year! But alas, despite my very best efforts, I will always still come home with sunburn as a souvenir from my travels. Even my feet will carry the pattern of my sandals for months after each holiday!

One day, while I was at work, a patient walked in, holding a box of Crystal Tomato supplements that she had bought from Singapore. She had been taking them for about a month by then, and was looking for a refill of her supplements. And that was how I was introduced to Crystal Tomato. Curiosity sparked, I started asking around and found out that this supplement was still pending registration in Malaysia; hence I was unable to obtain a box for personal consumption. This was way back in year 2014, by the way.

Undeterred, I decided to turn to Singapore to continue my search. Lo and behold, I found a friend who was selling Crystal Tomato to his patients. I excitedly bought a couple of boxes home and started my Crystal Tomato journey in November 2014, taking one tablet per day as prescribed. On a side note, Crystal Tomato was officially launched in Malaysia in May 2015. So, anyway, back to my story. After taking Crystal Tomato for about three months, I was somewhat disheartened to note that there wasn’t any visible improvement to my skin tone. But stubborn as I am, I persisted with the tablets, hoping for some form of miracle.

In July 2015, I went to the United States of America for a holiday, and as per the norm, I enjoyed lots of outdoor activities, including an entire day frolicking in the sun in Disneyland. I came back sunburnt as expected, and I was prepared to stay tan for half a year at the very least. But this was when my miracle happened. After about a month, I started noticing rapid improvement on my sunburnt skin. The tan was noticeably fading and the contrast between tanned and non-tanned skin began to diminish. And about only three months later, I was unbelievably almost back to my original skin color! Even the fine freckles that I used to have on my forearms started to fade. I was amazed! That was when I was convinced of the efficacy of these Crystal Tomato supplements. And it didn’t disappoint.


It proved its efficacy again in July 2016, during a holiday to Hokkaido in summer, to see their famous lavender flowers. My friends and I spent countless hours in the numerous breathtaking outdoor gardens, getting carried away taking pictures and just soaking up all the sunlight. This time the sunburn was really bad, with heat rashes and I fell sick. Because my immune system was down, I decided to add 1000mg of vitamin C supplement daily to boost my immune system, and hopefully recover faster. After about two weeks of Crystal Tomato and vitamin C supplements combined, I noticed my tan was recovering even faster than it had before! Convinced and happy, I continued with my supplements.

I have also always had a problem with acne and its subsequent post-inflammatory hyperpigmented scars, and it always takes months, sometimes years, for the scars to fade completely. However, with Crystal Tomato, I have noticed that my acne recovers a lot faster, and even the scars fade a lot faster too.

Fast-forward to today, it’s coming to three and a half years now, and I am still taking my Crystal Tomato supplements faithfully. It has done wonders for my skin. My general skin tone now is one entire tone lighter compared to what it was before I started on Crystal Tomato. Of course, areas like the hands and face that are exposed to the sun on a daily basis, especially while driving, are still slightly tanned compared to areas that are fully covered by clothing, and I still wear long sleeves wherever I go, but I am no longer as tan as I used to be.

So, for me, personally, Crystal Tomato works! Not only did it improve my general skin tone, but it also speeds up skin repair during the recovery process. Crystal Tomato is the best skin whitening supplement I’ve tried so far. And my experience also showed that adding vitamin C supplementation further enhanced the recovery rate and skin tone improvement.

Nevertheless, Crystal Tomato is purely a supplement, and it does not have any magical properties. Prevention is always still better than cure. Therefore, physical and chemical sunblock is a must, and general sun avoidance is important, especially if you do not want to get tanned nor develop pigmentation in your later years. And no matter how effective the supplements, compliance, and patience is essential before we can see results.

Dr. Lilian Lee is an Aesthetic Doctor with Dr. Ko Skin Specialist. She has an MB BCh BAO (Ireland), Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from AAAM, USA, Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM, USA) , Letter of Credentialing & Privileging Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in Malaysia, and she is a member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

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  • I recently had burn injury – 2nd degree and had operation , solit skin graft
    How soon i can take this supplement to avoid a really bad ugly scar formation. Im hoping the recovering scar wont be that significant aiming for same or almost same tone colour. Im pretty sure the scar will be there but hopefully it wont be significantly visible. Im now day 10 post ssg operation.

    • Hi Momo, We are sorry to hear about your burn injury.

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