Myths and Facts About Skin Allergies

An allergy is defined as an abnormally vigorous immune response from our body towards a pretty much harmless substance.

There’s no cure for allergies, they are genetic and you are stuck with them for life.

However, they are a great source of fraudulent income from people who promise “miracle products” or, on the other hand, “traditional remedies”.

There is no miracle product or any traditional remedies for the relief of allergies. If someone, whether a salesperson on TV or your dear old Aunt Sadie, recommends such a product, do not succumb to their urgings.

If you are seriously interested in the product, take it to your physician, or, even better, to your dermatologist. These medical specialists won’t let you take something that could kill you.

One of the concerns of ingesting these products is that we don’t know really what is in them nor how your body will respond to them. What may not kill you may land you in hospital with permanent injury.

Ways to take care of allergy-prone skin:

  • Avoid products that are known to be common allergens, e.g., latex.
  • Be cautious: When you want to try a new detergent, personal care item such as sunscreen or make-up, test it first. Make sure you have another item to change into if your skin starts to react. Follow a similar regimen with anything that is going to make contact with your skin. It sounds like a lot more work than the “miracle product” and it is. However, your skin is a delicate organ and when it isn’t happy, nobody is happy.
  • Allergens can kill. “There is a way to succeed if you just keep trying” principle doesn’t work here. Trying the allergen over and over is simply tempting fate. It will not ease the symptoms you suffer. It will most worsen them.
  • If you do find yourself suddenly suffering from an allergen, get a hold of your doctor or emergency room immediately. Anaphylactic shock can send you to an early grave. Don’t be their victim.
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