Salamiah Hassan’s Story with Ko Skin Specialist

“I’ve been a patient of Dr Ko since I was 47 years old. I’m 63 this year,” said Salamiah Hassan.

The singer recalled, “Ocean Supermarket was still operating back then. The Ko Skin Specialist when I was 47 is a small clinic located on the 1st floor of a shop lot, and now, 25 branches all over Malaysia…… to think that we’ve been growing together for the past 17 years, it’s bewildering.” “She’s family,” said Dr Ko, “Kak Salamiah is part of us.”

What makes Kak Salamiah stayed with us over all these years?

“Their code of conduct convinces me. They prep you thoroughly before anything, be it treatments or medications,” she added,

“knowing what you want is important. I’m not into invasive treatments, and I have a serious needle phobia, so they work according to my circumstances. By the way, I’m a loyal user of Ko Dermaceutical products.”

“Dr Ko has been doing charities by helping those suffering from devastating aftermath for being in serious accidents. Despite the negative rumours, I have my trust in Dr Ko. The truth will ultimately prevail. It’s simple: If Dr Ko is not a good doctor, how can 25 branches of Klinik Dr Ko exist today?”

“To me, Kak Salamiah is a great blessing. She’s a sister, a friend, a family. It’s beyond description. I witnessed the way she took care of her cat. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. All the invasive and non-invasive procedures can enhance your beauty externally, but to stay beautiful internally, you have to keep a positive, kind and loving heart,” said Dr Ko.

Since the interview was conducted in our recently opened Ko’s Café, we asked Kak Salamiah about her thoughts, and guess what? “I’m not so much of a coffee person, but the coffee here is good! In future, can we have a KO’s Facial Café where customers can enjoy their facial treatments while sipping a cup of coffee?” (laughs)