Hypertrophic & Keloid Scars

They Itch, and They Might Grow

A scar occurs as a result of wound repair anywhere on your body. The composition of scars varies, from flat to sunken or lumpy.

Hypertrophic scars can be itchy, red and raised initially, and continue to thicken. However, they never exceed the boundaries of the original wound, and generally become flatter or paler with time.

A keloid scar is an overgrowth of tissue. It keeps growing, even after the wound has healed. Keloids are itchy, hairless and shiny, and can grow much larger than the original wound.

What We Can Do

Injections can flatten thick scars. For laser resurfacing, we provide plenty of choices from Fractional CO2 Laser, Er:YAG Laser, Er:Glass Laser, to Pulsed Dye Laser. Treatment recommendations and the number of sessions required are made depending on the severity of the scar.

Don’t hesitate to consult our experienced doctors for the best possible solution.

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