Stay Moisturized, Be Lazy


One Cream for Both Day and Night

While there are enthusiasts who maintain their day and night skin care regime diligently with two different moisturizers, there exist “why the hassle” faction who opt for one all-purpose moisturizer that gives you the flexibility of both day cream and night cream, or even wear it under makeup.

All in all, your skin condition will decide what to slather on your face. Just make sure you have enough sun protection and cleanse thoroughly at the end of the day. To live with two separate moisturizers or just one is up to your personal preferences and your pocket.

When you need a separate day and night moisturizer

  • “Specific product under specific time” is your motto, and you’re really good at sticking to the routine.
  • You prefer a lightweight or sunscreen-containing moisturizer to be worn under makeup during the day, and a rich moisturizer without sunscreen for repairing while you sleep.
  • Most brightening moisturizers are recommended for nighttime use. So you’ll need a different daytime moisturizer.

When you can get away with just one moisturizer

  • “Keep it simple” is your motto, or you’re always on the go.
  • During the day, you wear sunscreen or SPF foundation after moisturizing your face, so stick with the same moisturizer for both day and night works just fine.
  • You have either super oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin, thus limit the number of products on your face is the wiser choice.

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