The Eye that Speaks

by Dr Kathleen, Consultant Plastic Surgeon of KO Plastic Surgery

The eyes gives you away, even without a word spoken.From the eyes, we can recognize truth or lie, intention, fear, self-confidence, determination… even without us, an observer, realizes it. Sparkling eyes show strong emotions, often related to joy and victory. Narrow eyes indicate suffering or pain, while wide eyes serve to intimidate. Wandering eyes signify unfocused thoughts and lowered eyes demonstratea sense of modesty and servitude. Blinking eyes reveal secrecy, and also the most powerful way of attracting other people’s attention.

Unbeknownst to us, our brain starts to read someone’s thoughts and emotions upon gazing into his or her eyes. Within the split of second, we subconsciously conclude a list of facts about that particular person and act accordingly. For instance, a person with droopy eyes will be perceived as tired or sad. Automatically, we will be sympathetic towards him or her, and be very reassuring in our approach.To medical professionals, a look at your eyes would reveal various medical and health issues, even duration of the illness.

Double eyelid surgery is known to transform sleepy eyes into beautiful window of one’s soul.The surgery has gained popularity in younger generations.In Seoul, South Korea, 20% of women from age 19-49 has undergone plastic surgery. By far, double eyelid surgery is the most common surgery.

Top 5 Reasons to have Double Eyelid Surgery

  • Makes one wide awake
    Single eyelids make the eye appear smaller, closed or heavy. Many patients go for a double eyelid surgery because others commented that he or she looks sleepy. The more visible the sclera (the white part of your eyeball), the more alert you look.Unfortunately, inserting big eyes contact lenses to make your iris look bigger doesn’t make you appear more alert.
  • Droopy brows and forehead wrinkles
    People in extreme age (60 years and above) tend to have their peripheral vision blocked by droopy brows.If one has flat or droopy brows at an early age, it givesa melancholic or sad impression.As the droopy eyebrowsact like shutters and block our view, we subconsciously liftour eyebrowsfor a better vision. However, by frowning the forehead, the wrinkles will become even more significant.
  • The problematic monolid
    Upon wake up, the monolid eyes tend to look puffy, giving a tired look. Although the person feels fresh and alert, the featuresdo not give the impression at all. In addition, the eyelashes of monolid eyes tend to pointdownwards.These situations can be solved with a double eyelid surgery to remove some fat or excess skin of the eyelid and to correct the downward projection of eyelashes.
  • Makes a great first impression
    Upon introduction to a new person, the other party will observe him or her in this order: eyes, smiles, personality and hair.All these happens in split second, its human nature.Note the importance of eye as the first to be noticed. In a job interview when you have only 5 minutes to and express yourself, the perception of your facial features is very important to make a good impression.
  • A spectacular profile
    Selfie dominates the trend, the facial feature is the most important part of yourself to be featured in the profile. The eyes have a big influence to your facial features. So it pays to look good.

Dr Kathleen Chang Yee Kuin

Consultant Plastic &
Reconstructive Surgeon
MS (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) (USM)

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