ThermiRF: Post-Baby Belly… So What?

covered by Gladys

OK, cut the “innovative”, “the first of its kind” or “brilliant breakthrough” crap. We’re not giving you useless adjectives and extravagant sentences. Let’s head straight to the problem statement, objective, process and results, shall we?

ThermiRF is a thermistor-regulated radio frequency energy device to stimulate collagen production and combat signs of frowning, wrinkling, bulging or sagging. It is a minimally invasive procedure (skin deep, literally).

By the way, we are indeed the first in Malaysia to provide ThermiRF treatment. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the term ”thermistor-regulated”. It means that the surgeon can set a maximum temperature and the device will control the thermal energy automatically. Simply put, we avoid overheating your skin.

Our Subject: Melissa, 32 year old mom of triplets

Scenario: After pregnancy abdomen. Underwent Caesarean section, 27 months since delivery. Not much of fatty tissue, just saggy skin.
Objective: To tighten and lift the abdominal skin to a much pleasant appearance.
Equipment: ThermiRF
Performed by: Dr Chiam Tee Kiang
Date of Treatment: 23rd Dec 2014
Results Collected on: 21st Jan 2015

Insertion of ThermiRF probe.

The Process

The treatment started with local anesthesia, followed by a thin probe to inject tumescent fluid under the skin. Time needed for tumescent fluid injection is longer, as the surgeon needs to ensure the fluid splays apart fibrous tissue bundles for even distribution of heat energy.

Next is the insertion of ThermiRF probe.

The tip of the ThermiRF probe will provide constant feedback of the temperature beneath the skin while an infrared camera is used to monitor the surface skin temperature.

Melissa is awake throughout the whole 2 and a half hour process. It’s pretty relaxing… to the point of boring. So we turned on the music and shuffled from Michael Buble to Maroon 5 while Dr Chiam worked on the ThermiRF probe. To take Melissa’s mind off her tummy, we chatted about her pregnancy, troubles with kids, vacations etc.

After 1 Month

The results will continue to improve over time as collagen production increases.

What are the Limitations?

Unfortunately, if you have a serious case of protruding belly with saggy fatty tissues instead of loose skin (imagine a watermelon-like tummy), you might want to consider Vanquish from our slimming experts, or tummy tuck from our plastic surgeon.

Another issue is the stretch marks. While ThermiRF could help lighten the visibility of stretch marks due to collagen production, it is unable to remove them completely. Try considering getting some laser treatments.

Being a mom is worth every blood, sweat and tears. Just one thing: The proof that you’re a mother is your child, not the sagging skin on your tummy, don’t let it hang on any longer. Fight on, mothers!

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