Top 4 Misconceptions of Pigmentation

No matter how the scientist sounded rational: “After the skin is exposed to the sun; the uneven distribution of the melanin pigment heavy deposited at one spot in the skin”, you couldn’t help turning emotional when you found spots on your face!

For many people, the spots on the face are as unforgettable as the Scarlet letters. Information are collected regarding how to get the “stains” removed.

The following 4 points are the common misconceptions of the pigmentation, for not only the clarification and the restoration of the innocence of pigments, but also help you to maintain flawless skin.

Error 1: Only older people get pigmentation, we don’t need to worry about it since we are young.

Correct: Pigmentations have nothing to do with age, they can appear on people any age, even as young as 1 or 2 years old.

Error 2: Since pigmentation responds to sunlight, as long as we have the sunblock, we are able to appear spots free.

Correct: Color spots are developed as a from the combination of genetic inheritance and sun exposure. Same amount of sun exposure for two different people may not result in the same severity of color spots.

Error 3: Those with fair skin tone are the luckiest, they simply don’t grow any color spots.

Correct: The pigmentation is particularly common in people with fair tone skins. Spots are easily visible on their upper body areas, such as cheeks, nose, arms, and upper shoulders.

Error 4: It’s better for me to learn how other people get rid of spots; if it worked for them, it must be working for me.

Correct: The situation is different in each individual. Even if it’s applicable for others, it doesn’t imply that it’s suitable for you. For instance, natural remedies, laser treatment, or even bleaching or fading creams. Any method that works for you is the best way.

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