When We Were Young… But Flabby


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Before we proceed with Samantha and Terri’s slimming journey, we would like to share our slimming department’s dilemma. Our experts are getting headaches from the universally naive inquiry: “If I sign up for treatment at your clinic, will the result be PERMANENT?”

Isn’t it the same as asking: “If I take antioxidants, will I live forever?”

This is why money-conning product makes money — when people bet their false hopes on a “natural slimming elixir” found online, after having pizzas and beers for supper.

Allow us to enlighten you with the truth: If we tell you that you can overeat all you want and yet look like a Victoria Secret’s Angel, we would be lying.

Samantha and Terri had their ups and downs since young — supermodel height, broad shoulders… unwanted fat.

“We inherited the ‘fat gene’ running in the family,” said Samantha, “we would spend our time and money visiting slimming centres, slimmed down a little, rebound, searching for slimming centres again.”

“We seldom keep photos of us in our younger days, because we looked so plump,” said Terri, “we wore only clothes that can ‘cover up’ our flabby body parts.”

Slimming for C-sectioned Mothers

Things get worse for Samantha after her second childbirth. “My first and second child were born 17 months apart. I’ve yet to slim down from my first pregnancy and I’m pregnant, again,” said the mother of two, “my post-baby tummy looked like a muffin!”

Most slimming service providers discouraged her to sign up and massage therapists would avoid touching her tummy, as she underwent Caesarean section — nobody wants to mess with a post surgery wound.

“They would tell me to wait for 6 months before getting any slimming treatments,” recalled Samantha, “but that particular 6 months after giving birth is the golden period to regain your former body line.”

1 month after C-section, Samantha tried Vanquish for the first time in KO Skin Specialist.

Samantha, current

Terri, current

“Vanquish is a non-invasive radio frequency treatment. It eliminates fat, contours tissue, and tightens the skin without even touching your body,” explained Miss Vikki Chin, head of KO Slimming Team.

Samantha & Terri, before treatment

20 Years Old, 80kg

Terri was one size bigger than Samantha. “I weighted 80kg when I was 20, and for the next 15 years, I’ve been a frequent customer of various slimming centres,” recalled Terri, “Inner thigh fat is so stubborn.”

Recommended by her sister, Terri sought our services. Working in Singapore, she traveled all the way to our Klang HQ once every two weeks.

“I would say that they are very well-disciplined customers. Never missed an appointment,” said Miss Vikki Chin.

They tried Coolsculpting, Exilis, and X Wave as well. None were invasive.

“Our friends and family members are surprised at the improvements. Now we are able to share our clothes!” exclaimed the sisters.

Flabby days are over

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